Trading in a yucky yesterday for a positive today

“In order to become who you came here to be ~you have to be willing to give up who you were taught you were.” … Susanne

Have you ever noticed how much most people are affected by what other people think and/or say about them. Nations get all posturing and hostile … organizations get hide-bound and downright sanctimonious … and individuals range from surly and defensive to depressed and insecure. Wow. When did it become the norm to give our power away to all and sundry?

I think that we learned this less-than-productive trait at our parent’s knees. As a part of our natural, loving nature we wanted to make them happy. It turns out that combining that nature with a complete lack of understanding of the world was a recipe for disaster. You know what the sad thing about that is to me? With the right adult role models and positive parental guidance that same combination could have been life altering in a GOOD way.

Well … as most of us had parents with varying degrees in Woundology … we have a lot of unlearning to do. And before all of the naysayers leap up swinging their buckets of “No way” commentary let me just say for the record … “Yes way!!”  Yes, it IS possible to reclaim ourselves. Yes, we really CAN tell our past to take a flying leap … and Yes, we really can HEAL. The big question then becomes: “What’s more important to you … holding onto the past with a death grip or creating a new life?”

Each of us is going to answer that question in whatever way and time-frame works best for us. Heaven only knows that I dragged my own poor, sorry posterior through Procrastination City for so long that Capital “L” Life finally just picked me up and sent me on a”vacation” to Medical Crisis Land. Wow, did that ever wake me up. Nothing like a few NDE’s to help you put the past, the present and the future in perspective! So … these days I’m pretty focused on creating a great today … healing up old wounds … giving negativity a helping hand to the curb … and becoming the person whom Capital “L” life says I came here to be. Seems to working well so far.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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2 Responses to Trading in a yucky yesterday for a positive today

  1. A.W. says:

    Beautifully put, Susanne. Life is as difficult and easy as letting go and starting fresh. I recently realized that I have been lost in Procrastination City for years. Can’t wait to move out 😉

    • 😀 Good luck with your move Alysha … I hear that the Hopeful Moving Company is recommending Shiny Tomorrow Town as it’s destination of choice … 😉 … All I can say is that my move was worth every bit of challenge that came along! Wishing you an awesome week. ~Susanne

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