One size definitely does NOT fit all.

“One size fits all’ isn’t a prescription for a happy life … it’s a lazy designer’s fashion choice.” … Susanne

If we were to believe the newscasters we’d have to assume that life would be calmer and better if we were all the same. If we were to pay homage to many religious and/or so-called religious groups we’d all be marching to the exact same drummer & song. Political groups want us to pledge undying loyalty to their ideas without engaging our brains and then there’s the advertising world … Wow!

It seems to me that the majority of authority figures would be a lot happier if all of us round pegs would just quietly fit ourselves into their square holes … but you know what? … life doesn’t work that way. Capital “L” Life didn’t create us with one jumbo-sized cookie cutter like some big batch of Christmas cookies … that would have been easy. Nope … apparently It loves wondrous variety … so we’re all unique.

It’s unfortunate that so many people are challenged by unique … are uncomfortable with different … and can be downright threatened by the idea of living-outside-the-box. But I think that Miss Perky has the right idea when she says: “Just because other people don’t like the same kind of ice cream as me doesn’t mean that they’re picking a bad flavor.” “Thank you Polly.”

One size definitely does NOT fit all … even in clothing. No one ideology is going to work for everybody … and there are more roads leading back Home than there are stars in the sky. This is the time for us to start remembering the beautiful spirits whom Life lovingly created. This is the time for us to turn up the volume of our Heart-Songs and perform our own unique dances. Will some people be uncomfortable with that? Probably. Does that mean we should forsake our-Selves and try to be “one-size”? Absolutely not! Miss Perky says all that it means is that we’re about to give a whole lot of people a chance to discover a whole lot of new flavors in life.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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