Finding ways to move on

“If we’re not going remain as one of the Walking Wounded we need to find ways to love our broken pieces back Home.” … Susanne

There’s a lot of walking wounded out there. I’m not just talking about the casualties of war and poverty brought on by good old-fashioned ignorance, guns and bombs … although that’s bad enough. I’m talking about the unseen wounds … the hidden torments … the terrible loss of self and its ensuing collateral damage … that are the result of flawed ideologies, broken leadership and less-than-sterling parenting.  It’s a mess at the moment!

Capital “L”Life and I have had many long discussions about how hard it is for kids to be raised by emotionally absent parents … abusive parents … and/or controlling parents … and how it’s way past time for us to stop hiding the sins of our wounded ancestry and start healing the fallout. Great as those discussions were … and Loving as It always is … It still never seemed to have the fix-everything-in-a-jiffy solution that I was hoping for. Instead … I recently received an email from (a copy of which follows).
To: Susanne & friends
From: Life
Subject: Moving on & Coming Home

Hi Susanne! I received your request for an instant-healing solution and after much research I don’t think that I can provide one at this time. Wait. Wait. I know that look on your face – No screaming-meany tantrums Polly!

The road Home is under construction as we speak so I’ve come up with are a few road signs that will hopefully help to make the trip a little more manageable.  Hope this helps to put a smile back on your faces. …. Your Eternal Friend … Life.

Whenever possible:
1) Choose to nurture your beautiful spark. You might be surprised at the blazing fire it can make. (I won’t be surprised by how awesome you are but I understand if you are.)
2) Remember that time is invented by man so if something isn’t happening right now … then it’s either a memory or a dream.
3) No-one is going to make you give up either one.
4) How long and/or how hard you wish to hold onto your painful … or happy … memories is always your choice. I’ll be here whenever you’re ready to give them up.
5) It really IS O.K. to admit that people lied, your parents were too hurt themselves not to hurt you and that YOU hurt!
6) Lastly … for now … Walk in nature when possible. Watch as the seasons change and remember … Even Ice Ages don’t last forever and like them … someday your pain will melt as well.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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