Why not give life your all? All you have to lose are regrets.

“Life is too short not to give it your all. Would you rather reach the end of journey with regrets at deeds not tried & opportunities ungrasped… OR … knowledge that you gave life your best shot?” … Susanne

We never know how much time is given to us to live. There’s no big Celestial Times Square clock bonging out the minutes and hours of our days. No Celestial scribe is taking note of how many times Capital “L” Life drops opportunities onto our path … nor how many times we ignore the aforementioned opportunities. In the department of personal accountability … we’re on our own.

There’s no doubt that a lot of negative stuff often happens in life. We have only to watch the news to catch THAT vibe. But what we need to start remembering is that from the smallest to the largest … from the first to the last … we have choices as to how we will proceed. Granted, sometimes our choices are very limited. Sometimes they’re only whether we will live or die … but ultimately … we always have control over where we let our thoughts take us.

Miss Perky constantly does her best to keep us in a too-happy-to-be-miserable state. Ms. Sunshine works hard at keeping us all supplied with Clear Vision Eyewear complete with built-in L.I.F.E. radio. But ultimately it is MY responsibility whether or not I: a) stay tuned to the happiness vibe, b) fall off the wagon & wallow in past or present messines and/or, c) play with Life and It’s awesome, seemingly infinite supply of opportunities.

I have learned that life is far too short and unpredictable not to give it my all. I have no intention of sliding across Home plate weighed down by countless regrets. As with everyone I have a few … stockpiled from a long life … but I’m well aware that whether or not I add to that pile is now up to me. These days life is good and getting better … with regret-creation on the decline … and THAT’S a GOOD thing!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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