Happy New Year!

“No more speaking from the Autopilot position … that is so last year. I’m going to start wishing everyone a “Happy New Now”.  … Susanne

I’m guilty! First thing this morning I sent all of my friends a text that said “Happy New Year”. Yes, I know that there’s nothing wrong with that. I know that it’s one of those expected social niceties that we do as residents in a polite society. And … I know that the sentiment behind the words is a real wish and hope that the person to whom we’re speaking really does have a happy year. So … what’s my point?

Well … this season past has brought into sharp focus for me all of the things that we say by rote and do automatically. It made me wonder how we came to be running our lives on autopilot so effectively. I don’t think that it’s only the advertising world or even the news that has landed us in this state … but rather a million little things that seem to have distanced us from our genuine feelings for and connection to the other people around us.

So … rather than drowning in the minutia of mundanity … “The Girls” and I have decided that … as our 1st big goal this year … we’re going to make an effort to be more present in the beautiful life that Capital “L” Life has given us and do our best to share-the-joy more consistently. We’ll probably still say a lot of the same old things … but we’re planning on putting a lot more of our Heart into them this year. So today … this first day of the new Earth year 2015 … we want to wish all of you a very happy new Now … and in addition to that we wish for you continued happiness in each new Now that comes after.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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2 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. Meg Evans says:

    I think it’s because the more complicated our society gets, the more things we have to do on autopilot, otherwise our brains would run out of processing capacity and we wouldn’t get anything done. Humans can’t evolve quickly enough to keep up with the modern world’s demands. Sometimes I wonder if a few centuries from now, people will choose to become cyborgs with implanted coprocessors in their brains because they’ll feel that life is too hard to manage otherwise.

    • I agree Meg … the world has indeed gotten pretty crazy … but I’m not convinced that Auopilot is the answer. Perhaps more time-outs … even if they’re only a few deep breaths during bathroom breaks … or a short walk during lunch. I have always found that short time-outs help me to shake off the worldly “stuff” long enough to let my Heart-Song fill me back up and remind me of what’s really important. I think that it’s worth a try … 🙂 … Wishing you an awesome week. Susanne

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