Inner Resistance – the REAL enemy of success

“If you’re not willing to let go of yesterday’s pain then long before the world tries to stop you your own resistance will grind you to a halt.” … Susanne

Well … here it is the new year … four days into it as a matter of fact.  I’ve discovered … geared up for a return to my Gluten-Free cooking … and run smack dab into my resistances.  Holy Cow!  They just leapt right up and did a little Resistance-Dance right in front me … leading The Girls and I to stop dead in amazement and re-think our “What do we want to accomplish this year?” question.

My mind knows what it wants to do. The Girls and I are clear about the happiness level we all require.  My worldly experience knows what steps to take in order for us to get the aforementioned goals accomplished but this year resistances … that had in the past simply made guerrilla-style attacks on my self-confidence … entered the playing field in full combat gear.  It’s not like I don’t know that I still need to book a few sessions at Life’s Celestial Healing Spa … it’s that I was surprised by the absolute determination of said resistances to halt all forward motion.

Fortunately Capital “L” Life is a great mediator.  It set up a meeting table under one of Its jumbo sized trees … with comfy chairs, pink lemonade with umbrellas and the “Ground Rules for Successful Resolution of Life Path Disagreements” posted everywhere.  It’s currently in the process of teaching us all how to get along and come to some mutually acceptable compromises.  I think that it’s a good sign that the Resistance Troop has agreed to leave their attack weapons at the proverbial door … Miss Perky has finally stopped throwing herself on the ground and having screaming-meanie tantrums … and Ms. Sunshine has turned down the volume of her music and stopped singing: “I can’t hear you.”  I’m relatively confident that we’re going to be able to work things out … my books will get published … my company will grow … my waistline will shrink … and my health will improve.  It just may take a little longer than I had imagined.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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