Who or what is shaping Your life?

“When it comes to changing our lives we need to ask ourselves three questions: ‘Who is shaping my life? Is everyone/anyone’s opinion more important than mine? and lastly, ‘What am I creating today?’ … Susanne

Everyone has someone whose opinion ranks high on the “You’re-someone-whose-opinion-I-respect” scale. There’s nothing wrong with that! It doesn’t mean we’re a wuss just because we’re smart enough to recognize that our special-someone-else really does have a good batting average in their area of specialty. What we don’t want … and what a lot of us are doing our best to heal/change … is to be a People Pleaser.

You know the ones. They’re the people whose own opinion means so little to them that they may as well not even have one. They’re the ones whose need to keep-the-peace overrides their own sense of worth and leads them into situations in which they would … more often than not … prefer not to be. They are the mousey coworker, the downtrodden partner … and sometimes they are you … and they are me.

I’ve had some long discussions with Capital “L” Life about this and finally It taught me to have a lot more compassion for all of us who qualify as The Walking Wounded. Like many people I was a hard-sell but eventually Life helped me to understand that no judgment is necessary as everybody’s in pain … to a greater or lesser degree … and they’re all coping the best that they can.

The Girls and I were quick to point out some of the less-than-desirable methods to which many of the Earthly population resort … to which Life replied: “When each person listens to their own Heart’s advice and thoughts first and other people’s opinions second the majority of problems on Earth will be solved.” Alrighty then. In response to this … along with turning up the volume of our Heart-Song to deafening levels … Miss Perky has ordered a lifetime supply of balloons with “Your Heart Rules” and “Your Heart-Song ~ The New #1 Hit” written on them for all and sundry.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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