What’s your reason for avoiding success?

“I have found that it’s not fear of failure that holds most people back. It’s the inescapable visibility that comes with success.” … Susanne

Everybody talks about the Fear-of-Failure like it’s the Holy Grail of excuses. There are books about it, healing modalities claiming to fix it and motivational speakers galore who want to motivate the heck out of you. But when it comes right down to it I’ve found that it’s not failure that’s the big deterrent to success for most of us ~it’s the blinding … and frightening … glare from the 10,000 watt Attention-Spotlight that accompanies the aforementioned success.

I was talking to a good friend about this the other day. After all … here it is a brand new year … unblemished by any failures … ready for me to plant my goal & intention seeds and I’ve been dragging my heels. “What’s with that?” I asked. Capital “L” Life kindly leapt in to share Its perspective namely: that I’m being a Nervous Nellie regards losing my current quasi-invisible status. “Well s#*t!” … as the kids would say.  It sure is annoying how It’s always so right.

Of course I had all sorts of really good reasons why booming success would be bad for me at this time … and just as many for why it would be better later. Life just smiled and reminded me of my pre-life dreams, intentions and outright promises to leave no stone unturned on my way to living a successful and happy life.

Miss Perky put in her 2 cents worth by reminding me that the cost of party balloons and ice cream wasn’t getting any cheaper, and in an effort to encourage me Ms. Sunshine donated a pair of sparkly, newly engineered “Dazzle-them-without-being-blinded-yourself” eyeglasses. So … it would seem that it’s time for me to gather up my courage, leap into the world of manifestation, don my snazzy, new eye-wear and become a Big, Shiny Success. Whoo-Hoo!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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