Let’s meet on the bridge between our hearts.

“The divine didn’t put us down here together for some arbitrary reason. It waits for us on the bridge between our hearts.” … Jeff Brown

These days when I look at the news I often feel like throwing my hands up in the air in frustration. Listening to all the senseless chatter and posturing I’m beginning to get a feel for how the residents of the Tower of Babel must have felt after Capital “L” Life removed their one common tongue and bestowed on them the great gift of a new opportunity … namely, that of learning how to truly communicate from the heart. While I’m pretty sure that It saw this gift as a marvelous way to help them to overcome their focus on worldly “stuff” and accomplishments … unfortunately … it seems that Its intended “How-to-Overcome-Adversity-by-Embracing-Diversity” lessons have been sadly misunderstood.

When I look at the majority of political, religious and/or general organizational-type establishments it seems that they have taken this wonderful gift and turned it upside down and inside-out. Apparently we’ve become so focused on proving that our opinions are gospel that we have forgotten about the awesome friend who is standing on the Bridge-Between waiting for us. I think that we’d all be better off if … instead of trying to blow up the aforementioned bridge so that different ideas don’t contaminate our world-view … we took a wee day trip to it and had a picnic with its patiently waiting resident.

The girls and I have made a habit of baking … and taking … some goodies out to Life at least once/week. It’s happy to have company and always motors through Miss Perky’s treats no matter how crispy they turned out. We’ve had a lot of good conversations on the bridge and now that The Girls have hauled out cozy benches, pretty sun umbrellas and a small fridge to keep our juice cold it’s really comfortable. Miss Perky says that all that’s missing now is some company … so … grab your map and sunscreen and come on out. We’ll all be real happy to see you.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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1 Response to Let’s meet on the bridge between our hearts.

  1. lionfou says:

    “How-to-Overcome-Adversity-by-Embracing-Diversity” –is that your line? Nice…

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