It’s time to remember what your Heart can do

“Never let what someone else thinks you can’t do stop you from doing what your Heart knows that you can. Dance on!” … Susanne

There is always going to be somebody who thinks that they know more than everyone else. At the other end of the spectrum there’s always going to be someone who is convinced that they know nothing. Ironically the reaction of BOTH of these diverse self-opinions is often times exactly the same. All too often I see both the supremely arrogant AND the painfully insecure adopt the Make-Yourself-Feel-Bigger-by-Making-Someone-Else-Feel-Smaller approach to life.

Some of us were subjected to this less-than-stellar communication style through parents who were too wounded to take care of themselves … never mind support us. Sometimes we’re exposed to it through organizations who use The Divine as their excuse for abusive behavior.  And sadly … sometimes it’s the very governments whose job it is to protect our freedoms who … in times of economic or philosophical challenges … resort to the “my dog’s better than your dog” attitude.

Ultimately it doesn’t matter who … where … or why. What matters is finding ways to move on after the dust settles. What matters is finding ways to consign the violators of our hearts and minds to their rightful place … namely, in the past and in the trash bin of our memories. Before their abuse … and now … after it … we were and we remain awesome sparks whom Capital “L” Life cherishes & believes in. It knows what we have forgotten. It knows why we came … the melodies of our Heart-Songs … and how well we dance The Dance of Life. Now … in these often challenging days … it’s time for us to remember as well. It’s time for us to set aside anyone and everyone else’s opinions of what we can’t do and it’s time to do what our Hearts and Life know that we can.  It’s time to dance again.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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