Walk softly and carry a big heart.

“Everyone has hidden sorrows, fears & wounds. Walk softly & carry a big heart.” … Susanne

 None of us really know what’s hiding behind someone else’s face. We haven’t experienced the disappointments and the joys … the wounds and the healing … nor the rejection and the love that they have. We can look at and feel our own wounds … but we really don’t fully understand what is hiding behind someone else’s mask … and sadly, most of the time we don’t even try to.

Upon finding out that I had, had 1/3 of one lung removed strangers actually said to me: “You don’t look like you’ve had part of your lung removed.” … Really!??! That’s your response? I used to wonder what someone who’s had a major operation like mine was supposed to look like. I suppose that it’s a testament to my perky nature (“Thanks Polly!”) that people couldn’t tell. I did learn one thing from those experiences though. I learned to take a breath & count to 100 before leaping to wild conclusions as to why Mr. or Mrs. Grumpy was acting that way.

Capital “L’ Life is a great role model. Even when Miss Perky is having a screaming-meanie tantrum It just smiles and waits for the storm to pass … knowing that eventually she will share with It the underlying cause of her unhappiness. Many a tear has been shed under Life’s jumbo-sized trees and many understandings have evolved. Thanks to Its input, bit-by-bit The Girls and I have learned to hold our tongues … look deeper … and be freer with our hugs and love. After all “everyone has hidden sorrows, fears & wounds” and it helps all of us when we “walk softly and carry a big heart.”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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