Trading old patterns for happiness

“Maintaining a ‘stiff upper lip’ and ignoring the painful past isn’t going change things for the better. That’s what healing is for.” … Susanne

I was raised by decent parents of British lineage. I had a wounded mother (I know, who didn’t!??!), a hard-working, absent father, a dog (who thought that I was chopped liver & my parents were the greatest things since canned dog food) and an awesome aunt who lived within walking distance for a good chunk of my formative years. Nothing huge to complain about there … right?

Well … like a lot of people whom I know … the family may have looked picture-perfect from the outside but it was hell-on-wheels behind closed doors. For years I dragged around enough guilt for not being the perfect daughter to sink a ship … a horrible self-image … and a hair-trigger defense system that was in a constant state of Red Alert. Not a lot of fun.

It finally occurred to me that if I wanted my life to be different than it had previously been then it was time for me to unload the 10 ton backpack-of-woes that I’d been schlepping around. Thank goodness that Capital “L” Life’s Cleanup Crew was available for an immediate, short-term leasing arrangement.

That short-term arrangement has since morphed into a quasi-permanent relationship and our purging binges have become legendary. We’ve donated so much old stuff to The Celestial Recycling Centre that we’ve got our own bin now. I feel lighter and happier and neither The Girls nor I miss the old backpack or the Red Alert Defense System at all! No more British “stiff upper lip” for us anymore. These days we’re feeling perky, sharing sunshine and waving goodbye to the pains of the past.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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