Goodbye resistance. Hello bright tomorrow.

“I have found that the more I resist Redirection the more challenging life becomes.” … Susanne

IMG_0344I think that most of us would like to imagine that we’re in control of our lives. I know that I certainly would. I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like Capital “L” Life has set The Girls and I adrift in a boat with no rudder, amidst a wild and stormy sea. The New Age people say that we create our own reality … and to a large degree I agree with that. What is inside of me does indeed directly reflect outwards into the world around me. That not withstanding there are times when Life intervenes as, apparently It needs me to be somewhere else.  At those times … seemingly without any input from me … the seas rise, the storms roll in and my entire old way of being is swept away.

When those challenging times appear …and we’re in the middle of one of Polly’s meltdown tantrums …not to mention my own door-kicking level of frustration … that’s when it’s most important that I take a big breath, remove the cotton from my ears, pause and ask: “So … what is it that You need me to do and where the heck are you hoping that I’ll end up?” Thankfully, Life is a way better communicator than I am and only whips up the aforementioned storms as a last resort to capture my attention.

Not being the most observant of people, in the past I always found that nothing made me sit and take notice like foundation-rocking blow ups. Having said that … these days I’m doing my best to keep the lines of communication between myself and Life wide open and the volume cranked way up. It took a lot of years but the message that life doesn’t have to be hard … provided that you’re willing to listen at least some of Life’s suggestions … has finally sunk in. Now … instead of waiting for the storms to roll in … The Girls and I are choosing to be proactive about our future. Ms. Sunshine has a new telescope and is keeping a keen eye on the horizon. Miss Perky has a new Celestial-Cell-Phone with a really great Polly-to-Life discount plan and me … well I’m just doing my best to stay tuned to radio station L.I.F.E. and keep on dancing.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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