On the road to Thriving

“Be present in every moment. Enjoy every day. Be in love with your life … It’s precious.” … Susanne

Well … Apparently the time has come around again for The Girls and I to learn more, shift more, share more and travel hand-in-hand with Capital “L” Life once again. Remission has faded and we’re collectively off for another go at beating this bad boy into submission.

Ms Sunshine has created Shine-the-Light eyewear so that we’re never in the dark. Miss Polly has hand-painted us all t-shirts that say: “We’re on the road to Thriving” (and I’m sure you can imagine how long it took her to finish Life’s jumbo sized shirt.) And I am writing and transforming. With your permission I shall share our journey and the people, quotes and thoughts that raise us up and give us hope … Starting with this one …

Godspeed & Joyful Journeying Everyone



About embracingchoice

Motivational Speaker, Author, Tweeter & Blogger (lovin' it!!) ... Owner & Leader of The Compassionate Advantage (http://www.compassionate-advantage.com)
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