Compassion or Judgment -Which will you choose?

“In every interaction with another let your first, your second & your last action be one of compassion.” … Susanne

Everyone is so quick to judge. Scientific studies show that we make up our minds about what kind of person is talking to us in the first 30 seconds after we meet them. 30 seconds … wow that’s barely enough time to say: “Hi. How are you?” Apparently our brains pick up all kinds of facial cues and body language and boom … just like that our minds are made up … often irreversibly.

As a whole we tend to rationalize away our instant likes and dislikes with the sad result that the world is becoming divided into rigid “Us” vs “Them” encampments. The challenge that I see with that approach is that there’s little to no room for compassionate understanding. And without that we tend to lose sight of each individual … losing them to the bigger “forest” of impersonal distance.

Whether it’s because of someone’s illness, religion, sexual orientation, country of origin … or whatever … the moment we allow our inner fears and wounds to be of more importance than the heart of the person who is standing before us we have lost something both beautiful & fragile. We have lost the possibility of healing and connection.

I know that Perky Polly can often be overwhelmingly … well … perky. But you know what? I like her. She’s convinced that there’s a nugget of good in pretty much everyone … even if she does sometimes need a backhoe to reach it. She smiles at everybody. She has a good heart and she keeps me out of judgment and on a straight and heartfelt path. I think that the world could use a little Polly in more of their interactions. Maybe then we’d remember to be compassionate first and ask questions later.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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