It’s not always Karma

“Really strong souls are like diamonds-in-the-rough. They ‘re often found tumbling around inside one of Life’s giant gemstone tumblers knowing that when they emerge they’ll be ready to shine.” … Susanne

It’s not always karma. Every time that someone gets sick, tragedy strikes and/or death occurs today’s fast and easy answer of “karma” isn’t always the right one. Yes, I do indeed believe that “what goes around comes around ” and that what we consistently focus on INSIDE of ourselves ends up showing up in our OUTSIDE world. But I think of that phenomena as more of a teaching tool in the School of Life rather than corporal punishment that’s handed out in the same aforementioned school. I think that too many people have misunderstood this karma-thing.

I know that we’re all just trying to understand the often overwhelming challenges that we encounter in this world and consequently we often flail about looking for an answer. However, it’s been my experience that when The Biggies strike it’s best if I examine my interior landscape first to see if I’m harbouring secret mine fields with which to booby-trap my outside world. I have found that I usually have more than enough boo-boos and messes to clean up from THIS lifetime … there’s no need to go drowning myself … nor pulling anyone else under … in an ocean of past bad decisions and present day finger-pointing.

The Girls and I have never found Capital “L” Life to be a eye-for-an-eye/retribution kind of Being . It’s more of a patient, let-me-show-you-why-that-might-not-have-been-the-best-strategy/educate you kind of dude. So on that note we’re going to go have an exploration session with Life so we can maximize our Understanding of this latest “Biggie”, minimize the karmic bullpoop and make sure that all of this tumbling produces a really nice “shine”.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying.



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