It’s not about “Why Me”. It’s about “What can I learn?”

“When tough times come along the big question isn’t “Why?” but rather “How” and “What”. … Susanne

When difficult and challenging times come to visit the fall-back question that the majority of people tend to ask is “Why?”“Why me?” … and/or “Why is this happening?”  I’m not sure that there is ever a good answer to those questions … other than “If not me then who?” What I’ve come to discover is that a better line of questioning is “How … How can I get through this the best way possible?” and/or “What …. What can I learn from everything that’s going on?”. These are the questions that drive us to either rise above our circumstances or to cling to the same-old, same-old like a life raft.

These last 5 weeks … spent in the hospital … have certainly provided me with ample opportunities to explore all kinds of variations of these questions. Fortunately Capital “L” Life has been marching along with me and has been providing great input to our Q & A sessions. I’m still not entirely clear about all of the “Why’s” of this latest bump-in-the-road … but that’s O.K.  If nothing else I’m learning a lot about perseverance, determination and faith.  Miss Perky & I are spreading sunshine all over the Active Rehab ward … both to patents and to staff … and as long as I keep my eyes open, my heart sharing and my attitude “perky” I know that there will be minimal internal-whining and maximum learning.  So … maybe in the long run all of that is enough.  Well that’s my story anyway … and I’m sticking to it.

Godspeed & Joyful Journeying Everyone


today I will look for something positive

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