If the world is merely a distraction where does happiness come from?

“Your happiness is ultimately dependent on what you choose to do with your inner landscape. The outer world is merely a distraction.” … Susanne

The world is chock-a-block full of distractions. They come in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes and range from really, really great stuff to mind-numbingly horrendous. Ultimately though it doesn’t matter where on the great-awful spectrum you find yourself because a distraction is still simply that … a distraction.

It’s sometimes hard to remember that we’re living in a world-sized theme park … everything seems so darn convincing! Of course that’s because the physical nature of our world is such that we can’t escape the highs and lows of Mother Earth … nor the emotional punches of the people who are sharing this space with us.

Even though it’s hard it behooves us all to remember that letting the physical nature of life be our predominant drivers is like treating the symptoms of a disease while never addressing the underlying causes. I find it’s a chicken-egg kind of thing. I hear so many people say: “You don’t understand how hard/hurtful/awful my life has been”. And they’re right … I don’t. I only know the challenging circumstances of my own life.

I also know what my inner world looked like before I learned to employ the services of the Celestial Clean-up Crew … and how much my outer life and world changed once I consistently chose to put my focus on happiness instead of “who-done-me-wrong”. The world is never going to stop being distracting. I ‘m still in the middle of a battle with Cancer. The hurtful things that happened in the past still happened. But these days I know that it’s how I choose to get through and let go of the tough stuff that is going to give me the biggest bang-for-my-buck. So … I am choosing to avidly pursue happiness no matter how tiny or how buried its spark may be.

Godspeed & Joyful Journeying Everyone


Dear past

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