I’m back & kicking Grumpy Gus to the curb.

“Life’s challenges don’t always make sense but it’s how we come through them & who we allow ourselves to become that are the real positive goals.” … Susanne

Sorry that I’ve been MIA for a few weeks.  It turns out that as well as missing Springtime this year I also broke 4 vertebrae in my back.  Well … as you can imagine the resulting pain, surgery to fix them and the weeks of physiotherapy to get me up & safely moving again kind of took their toll.  Some days it seemed like Grumpy Gus & Crappy Chris were in a non-stop battle with Miss Perky, Ms. Sunshine & I to see whose attitude was going to prevail.  Fortunately The Girls & I won out … leaving the hospital staff & other patients more uplifted & smiling more frequently than when we arrived.  

It’s not always easy to handle life’s challenges … even with Miss Perky as a BFF … but I’ve noticed that if I want to come out the other side of those aforementioned challenges with happiness and good feelings in place it behooves me to show Messrs. Grumpy & Crappy the door.  

So … having hired the Celestial Bouncer Boys to move the depressed & depressing duo on their way I am feeling MUCH better.  Each day the pain is less … my mobility is improved & bit-by-bit things are getting better.  I’m still not sure what the reasons were for this latest time-out or where it’s all leading but I’m pretty sure that with Capital “L” Life guiding The Girls & I we’ll be onto our new path … & maybe even dancing … sooner than Miss Perky can say “Cowabunga”.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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