What would you do if you knew that challenges really were your best friend?

“What if you knew that everything & everyone that you held in judgment were really your greatest opportunities to learn & grow. What would you do? ... Susanne

It’s easy to get complacent. It’s even easier to assume that the way that we’re used to thinking and doing things is the “right” way. And with governments and religious groups shouting out their opinions as if they were a personal memorandum from God it’s often hard to stop viewing other people and their ideas as anything other than “wrong”.

But what if they’re not wrong? Oh I don’t mean that we should all run out and embrace murdering psychopaths … but what if instead of being “wrong” different opinions and outlooks were simply that … different.   What if … instead of getting our knickers in a knot whenever someone didn’t agree with us … we took the time to do a little internal investigation to learn more about ourselves?

I learned a lot during my 6 week stay in the hospital. Being an avid People Watcher … and with very little else to do other than physiotherapy … I had many opportunities to observe the different sides to each situation. Times when my judgments and I were sure that we knew exactly what was going on and who was right vs who was wrong almost always got steamrolled under the Truth.   I learned to pause and observe what was really going on rather than jumping to conclusions … and that was one of the most valuable lessons that I could have gained. If challenging people and circumstances hold the greatest opportunities for me to “learn to learn” then it behooves me to sit up, pay attention and grow.  And I intend to take full advantage of each and every opportunity that comes my way.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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