It’s a new day. Time to go Joy hunting.

Each morning rise up, start fresh and see the opportunity in each new day.” … Unknown

One thing that battling life threatening illness does is to shine a spotlight on the blessing of awakening each day. I think that most of us take that for granted and it’s only when something big comes along to shake us out of our complacent dreams that we open our eyes … give our collective heads a shake … and remember how precious life is.

Ms. Sunshine says that it’s easy to see the BIG things … she doesn’t even need to design any eyewear for those ones … it’s the small, often overlooked joys that she thinks we need to keep an eagle eye open for. Miss Polly thinks that everyone is missing the day-to-day goodies because they’re all looking for the Big Fireworks kind of opportunities. Capital “L” Life confided that one of the reasons that Miss P is always so perky is that she’s always finding reasons to fall in love with everyday life.

So … The Girls and I have decided that this week we are going to indulge in a huge, appreciation fest. We’re going to fall in love with and be grateful for everything from sunny days to being able to stand up again. Ms. Sunshine has outfitted all of us with “Appreciation Goggles” and Polly has designed a series of games and contests to see who can not only find the most joyful opportunities but also who is willing to let them in. I feel a fun and exciting week coming on. Got to run now … I think I see some joy peeking around the corner.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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