Let it go.

No-one is suggesting that the lessons of the past aren’t important. It’s the dragging around of the emotional triggers and “Oh poor me” attitude that is the real destroyer of lives.” … Susanne

Everybody has had times in their lives when the proverbial s#%t has hit their fans. Granted some people’s receiving has been a lot more intense or frequent than others … but regardless of the intensity, frequency or duration … we’ve all been there. As with everything else in life how we handle the backlog is always our choice … and it’s that handling ~or not … that determines how each of our Nows and our tomorrows will be.

This Spring … as I was spending time in the hospital, getting my back fixed and relearning how to walk … people would ask me: “How can you be so happy all the time?” My answer was  … as it always is … a variation of: “Well I have a choice. I can choose to drag my poor, sorry behind through these challenges; kicking and screaming the whole way and feel horrible … or I can be the most optimistically-leaning person that I can be.  And guess which one makes me feel better!??!”

Of course I have down times … everybody does … but The Girls are always quick to remind me that hugging yesterday’s pain and unhappiness isn’t going to make today feel any better. In fact; it’s only going to weigh us down, smudge up Ms. Sunshine’s Happiness-Finding glasses and drain our energy away from creating The Good Stuff into propping up the Been-there-done-that-no-thanks memories.  So … we’re working on identifying any missed lessons and we’re giving the rest of the old, unpleasant  stuff away to the Universal Recycling Centre. We’re intending that our days of kicking dead horses are over … leaving us wide open to creating a vibrant tomorrow.

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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