Create a new life. Tell yourself a new story.

“The stories that we consistently tell ourselves become the life that we live. So … if you’re going to tell yourself stories about how things are or will be you might as well make them the best possible.” … Susanne

We have forgotten that we are powerful souls who have the ability to create our world. Ultimately it doesn’t matter who the major contributors to our forgetful nature were.  It doesn’t matter whether the ongoing reinforcers of our deluded state are the governments who rule us, the religious bodies who fear us or Authority Figures who simply want a quiet day filled with obedience … because at the end of the day the only one whose opinion really matters is ourselves.

I get that it’s hard to buck the “What will everyone think?” trend but realistically what other option do we have if we want to live happy lives?  I know from my own life that I had to find a way to be comfortable dancing outside the box or I had to resign myself to living a life that was filled with everyone else’s beliefs and expectations. Even without Miss Perky’s input that last one is a Yuck for me!
Recently I found myself repeating the medical community’s opinions about my health as though they were gospel … things like: “My bones are very fragile.” and “I just have to be really careful.” I realized that neither of these … nor the whole “Oh poor, fragile me.” line of thinking was where I want to live. So … I’m telling a new story this week. I’m going to tell the story of strong and healthy bones. I’m going to reinforce that Life always takes good care of me and I’m going to carry an Expectation of Ease. I like those stories and I’m going to stick with them!  

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone



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