Happiness – the silver lining of my Heart

“True and lasting happiness doesn’t come from the amount of stuff we have or the social circle we belong to. It arises from and dwells within our Heart” … Susanne

All things considered I’m pretty blessed. Yes, I broke my back in four places this Spring … but I had the top of the field fix all the breaks and promise to handle any further little blips in the Spinal Column Continuum. Yes, it’s true that I’m not in remission at the moment and I’m on chemotherapy … but the good news is that the cancer markers are steadily decreasing and my oncologist has plans to pop me back into remission this Fall. So … it seems to me that inside each of my stormy clouds is a decidedly, silver lining.

I admit that sometimes it’s challenging to see the silver that’s hiding in there. And I have to admit that sometimes it requires me to dig deep, muster up my courage, grab ahold of The Girls and my beautiful Heart and fight one more time for my dreams. But it’s worth the effort.  It’s always worth the effort!
Capital “L” Life says that Perky Polly and I are so consistently positive, chipper and faithful that it’s impossible for It to not share Its abundance with us. It says that our happy Heart shines so brightly … even through the challenging times … that we have become a magnet for even more happiness! I like that. It reminds me that while outside-goodies may make my life easier it’s really my joyful Heart that is vibing in a happy life that works

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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