Separation is a lie.

We came here to experience a world where separation seems to be; not only a possibility, but also a reality. We’re here to prove that story incorrect.” … Susanne

We only have to look around to see concrete evidence that; here on good old Planet Earth, everything and everyone is separate from everything and everyone else. We all walk around in discrete little packages called bodies. Everything that we touch, taste smell and hear originates from separate sources. So … what’s with this “We’re really all One thing?”

I think that it all comes down to a belief ~for some … a knowing for others … that everything that what we experience here in the material world started somewhere else … and further … that, that somewhere else is in the immaterial. So … whether we think of that “other place” as our own thoughts or some other worldly Being … eventually most of us come to realize that our world is created within us long before we see it around us. “Notes From the Universe” says that “Thoughts become things.” and I think that, that is where we have to look when we decide that we want to a) change our world and b) figure out why it is the way that it is.

There comes a point in every being’s life when they have a decision to make. We all eventually come to the place-of-choice when we look long and hard at where we are, what we want to happen and … finger pointing aside … why things are the way they are.  From there we make a choice. The choice is both a simple one and a hard one. It is as simple as “What do I want more – to hold onto the past and the illusions of separateness – or to free myself and move into a new and different way of living?” We all came here to experience a world where separation seems to be a reality. Now the question is: “How will I prove that story to be incorrect?”

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone


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