In the war against Cancer

I want to apologize for the scarcity of posts recently.  It has been a year of battles, challenges & determination to return to a life of, not only surviving, but of thriving.  The war is tiring but I have discovered that I am a Warrior … and I will stop this when I have either won the war … or it is over … one way or the other.

In the war against a rare form of bone marrow cancer many of my bones … including 4 in my  back … became very fragile  and broke under the ongoing pressure of battle. OUCH!  Good News! … They have been repaired and have returned to their regular job of supporting my walk through life.  Hooray!!

The Chemotherapy portion of the war is successfully continuing and at the end of September I will be having a Hard Reboot on my internal computer … getting everything in my bone marrow reprogrammed.  This will come in the form of a Stem Cell Transplant with my own stem cells. Modern medical technology is truly amazing!

So … I will do my best to stay in touch … provide updates and comments during the upcoming portion of the journey … and share Perky Polly, Sunshine Sue and Life’s abundant, positive input to everything.  FYI: … As this process is pretty tiring we may be sharing all of this in the form of Positive Posters with minimal, additional Susanne comments.  Many thanks for your ongoing support and well wishes … The Girls and I really appreciate it AND you!

Godspeed and Joyful Journeying Everyone 



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