Susanne’s Journey and Thoughts – This page is about me!

Still smiling!

I often look around at the path that I’m on and “give my head a shake”. It’s not where I thought that I was going. It’s certainly not how I thought that I’d move ahead and I am definitely not who I imagined that I would be. The good news is that – like everyone – I am a work in progress and so every moment; through good times and scary times, I am constantly recreating myself and reconnecting to the Universe.

I write because the thoughts drive themselves out of me to be shared: with co-workers, with friends and with the world. As I journey I write about the things that I learn and as I travel through life; hand-in-hand with Life; I happily share others’ quotes and insights as well as my own thoughts.  After all we are ALL on the same journey, aren’t we? – only the ways and means are different.

During this past three years  Life and I have danced an interesting dance, walked down paths with no road signs (at least none that were visible to me!) and deepened our connection.  I have learned how to “walk my talk”, let a Universal sense of rightness and flow direct my life and finally I think that I am learning how to integrate all that – faith, trust, flow and connection – with functioning and interacting with the world around me.

It’s been a time of great medical challenges … all of which have been overcome … and the arrival and duration of which have given me a “sabbatical from life” so that I could ground myself in the beauty of Life, learn to share my insides with the outside world through my writing and remind myself about what REALLY counts … Oh … that would be friends, family, and a connection to and flowing with something WAY bigger than “little-old-me”.  😀

Thanks for stopping by … my inner Perky Polly and I appreciate your interest.  We’re always interested in meeting new friends … after all life is for living … and WE believe that living is meant to be filled with joy … Here’s to sharing the journey, enjoying the ride and remembering the beautiful souls who are hiding out inside … just waiting for an invitation to come out and play.

Arinaste  (“from my heart to your heart”)


7 Responses to Susanne’s Journey and Thoughts – This page is about me!

  1. roamintwin says:

    Because you inspire me to be a better me, I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! Check out my post and how you can pass it on HERE!

  2. Lynda Parham says:

    Susanne, you are an inspiration to many through your words. You are definitely on the right path that has been chosen for you. Continue to gaze upwards and share your thoughts with those that cross your path. There is a purpose as to why they are there.

    • Susanne says:

      Thanks so much for your lovely words and thoughts Lynda! I agree … there IS a purpose …and I am enjoying uncovering it and my part … however big or small … in it … 😀 Wishing all the best. Arinaste (from my heart to your heart) Susanne

  3. Sue Alexander | Inspired Type says:

    “faith, trust, flow and connection” ~ that’s simply perfect!! Thank you so very much for sharing your beautiful perspective on living in wellness. I am so happy to have found you :~D

    • Susanne says:

      Wonderful … as always … to hear from you Sue! Thank you. I have come to the place in my life where I could not even imagine walking around this world without the awesome gift of connectedness that Life has shared with me. Life is good. I am happy. Arinaste. ❤ {from my heart to your heart.} … Susanne

  4. Hi Susanne
    Great blog
    it flows from heart to heart

    • Susanne says:

      Thanks Stuart! … Interesting choice of words … from heart to heart … did you pick up on my use of Arinaste (“from my heart to your heart” or … “from heart to heart”) or is synchronicity dancing in my life again? 😀

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