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Share Happiness even when it’s not the easy path.

…having come through dark days and hard times the girls and I understand that we are called by Life … to carry our positive nature, sunny smiles and gentle encouragement … into a world that has often forgotten how to smile. Continue reading

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Welcome to Destiny Road

We think that the road of destiny is walked only by men and women of great vision and fortitude, forgetting that those are the few … the majority being ordinary people living lives of quiet faith … wondering how they … Continue reading

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Living a life filled with Passion

True passion rises from our Hearts and sings its siren song at such an incredible volume that we cannot ignore it. … Those of us who have Passion as a constant companion can tell you that we are never bored. Continue reading

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It’s time to remember that life is precious.

Feeling fear is like a wearing a pair of dirty glasses all of the time … you just can’t see the world clearly when you do that! It fogs our vision and our thinking and it makes our memories faulty. … So then … perhaps it is time for a shift in perspective. Continue reading

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Opening doors with a lot less effort

I’ve learned that creating doors into new opportunities is an 80-20 mix. I’m responsible for getting clear about what I want … and Capital “L” Life’s job is to provide the direction and synchronicities that will open aforementioned doors … It’s funny how I used to have those percentages so mixed up. Continue reading

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Sharing gifts on Life’s Road

… I guess Life got tired of waiting for my when’s and why’s to run out so It kindly lifted me up … guided me across the barren wasteland of “Medical-Crisis Land” … and then gently deposited me on this new road. Once I got over the shock of not bouncing down the same-old, same-old path and took a good look around I realized that I was on “Purpose Road”. … Continue reading

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Strapping on a parachute and embracing my purpose

Like a lot of people I used to wonder what the heck I was here for. I wanted to know my Purpose-in-Life. … I have to admit that this Purpose-of-Life thing was pretty intimidating to me … after all … who was I to have some integral part in Capital “L” Life’s big scheme of things? … Continue reading

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