Susanne’s Bio

Still smiling!

“I know that God
wouldn’t give me more
than I can handle…
Sometimes I just wish He
didn’t trust me so much.”
Mother Teresa

Born in 1954 in Toronto, Canada Susanne always had a desire to use her compassionate heart to help others. She found the first outlet for her caring in the medical field, assisting those whose lives were in a critical stage.

After the tragic death of her 18-year-old son and the dissolution of her marriage Susanne began a new “Journey-of-Understanding” with her youngest son. Together they grew… he into the brilliant and caring man whom she knew he would become… and she into an artist, a businesswoman and finally a writer.
After being diagnosed with an extremely rare form of bone marrow cancer, losing part of her left hip & femur, undergoing extensive treatments and finally overcoming not only the cancer but also a resistant bacteria which took the remains of her hip, femur and a large chunk of muscle: she began to share her writing publicly: first through her blog ( and now, through a series of inspirational and motivational books.
Susanne’s journey continues. She writes in order to share her thoughts and  encouragement… happy that, finally, she has found a way to help others through the sharing of her compassionate heart.

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