What People are saying about “What I Learned From 3 Years of Yuck”

  Here’s what people are saying about“What I learned from 3 years of Yuck.”

“I love this book!   I think I will use it as a daily motivator to get my day going on the right track. There’s something new to think about every day.  Susanne’s book is a must to have on your bedside table.”             Pauline –Orillia,ON

Dazzling photography and poignant thoughts reflect Susanne’s intention to view our most common life “predicaments” through surrender and joy.  This little treasure of a book reminds us all of our own very unique inner beauty and connection with all.”                    Kathy – FL

Beautiful!  The kind of book you want on your nightstand, to lift your spirit, to boost your mood, dispel your “funk”.  Just open this book and know that “Life” is giving you a helping hand.  Susanne has captured the essence of her outlook on “Life” and “Living” for us to use and share whenever we need.”      Monika –Newmarket,ON

Susanne’s folksy real-life way of sharing spiritual truth embraces the nitty-gritty of the day-to-day, yet from a perspective of spiritual joy, expanded possibilities, and evolutionary courage. She’s relatable to a wide audience, and can take them places they’ve never been, or places they’ve been but didn’t know they could return.”                                                        Richard –Toronto,ON

“Susanne provides real and authentic messages of hope and inspiration. Looking forward to reading more.”                 Jeff  – North York, ON

12 Chapters   …..  10 pages/chapter  ….  1 Original-Susanne,  Motivational quote/page             

 All photography joyfully done by Susanne.

For a sneak peek go to: https://motivationfromtheheart.com/book-what-i-learned-from-3-years-of-yuck-sample-pages/

 To purchase your own copy of “What I learned from 3 years of Yuck”  go to the order page @:  https://motivationfromtheheart.com/book-order-page-3/

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