“What I learned from 3 years of Yuck”- Sample pages

Samples from “What I learned from 3 years of Yuck”


My mother used to say that into every life a little rain must fall … and I have this to say about that …

Mom you didn’t warn me that the “little rain” would be a deluge that would flood my internal landscape … wash away all my favorite landmarks and road-signs … leave my galoshes full of water … my umbrella sagging … and my hair all wet and yucky.

Despite all of that dampness I have persevered … I’ve cleaned up aforementioned internal landscape – taking the challenging times as an opportunity to do intense, internal “Spring Cleaning”.

So … now that the storms have passed … the soggy ground is drying out … and I have new footwear and umbrellas.  Thankfully … the sun is back out … I’m feeling so-o-o much better … and … I have gathered together my soggy notes of the journey: to share with other sojourners who may be travelling their own “Rainy-Paths”.

Have fun with this book … for that is its intention …

Godspeed & Joyful Journeying



 Sample from “Gratitude”

Sample from “Attitude”

Full Colour Chapter-Title page

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