Topic Possibilities

Susanne’s talks vary from 1/2  to 1 hour depending on your needs & time available.

Some of Susanne’s Popular Topics:

  •  Overcoming Challenges – Susanne discusses … through a short recap of her war with an extremely rare form of bone marrow cancer & MRSA  …  how she … and all of us … can come through these challenging times … with courage and our beautiful selves intact.

A moving and uplifting talk.”

  • Choice – Every moment presents us with choices … some of them we are going to like … whilst others may not be as pleasant.  Susanne believes that it’s not simply what we choose in any given moment that is important but where these choices take us and who we become.

“I never looked at life this way before …  Thank you for sharing your positive approach to life with us.”

  • Surviving tragedy – Susanne’s 18 year son was killed suddenly in a car crash.  How did she survive … move on … remember with joy … and then live her life as a testament to his memories? A moving story with insightful revelations and tips for anyone grieving the loss of someone they love … be it family or friend.

“Susanne always lifts me up when I’m feeling down or lost.”

  • Starting Over – Whether its cause is death, major illness, loss of relationship or suddenly having to change careers; starting over presents common challenges that need to be addressed.  Susanne says: “Sometimes Life picks us up off of the path we were on and deposits us … often with no warning … onto a brand new road.”  Susanne discusses coping, letting go of the past and then moving on and finding joy in the new … with examples from her own journey.

“Susanne thanks so much for helping me to reclaim my own Perky Polly.”

  • Your Needs & Requests If none of the above topics suit your clients needs and requirements please contact Susanne for a personal consultation.  She’ll be happy to speak with you and work out a solution that works for you.

For questions or more information e-mail Susanne @


Please share your thoughts ... :D

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