Why choose Susanne for your Motivational speaker?

 Please note that all Presentations are sprinkled liberally with  quotes, humour, encouragement and hope.

Susanne speaks from personal experience of the challenges involved in overcoming many of life’s major crises including:

  • Death of a child and/or beloved family member
  • Fighting Cancer and winning
  • Overcoming overwhelming odds, losing a hip and part of leg and remaining positive
  • Maintaining an optimistic viewpoint even when everything around is encouraging the opposite
  • Becoming a “Thriver” and not settling for merely being a “Survivor”
  • Carrying on after the dissolution of a major relationship

Because of her vast experience Susanne is able to bring her compassionate understanding and upbeat encouragement to a variety of situations and groups.

She is a huge advocate of exercising our right to choose ~ even if that is only the ability to choose how we will feel.

Susanne is comfortable speaking to any age group, economic demographic or group size and is able to modify her messages appropriately.  She has been very well received at the venues in which she has spoken.

Susanne is also happy to share and willing to participate in “Author Readings” as she currently has two books published.  She will have another two books ready to share … later this year.  (See Drop-down menus under “Inspirational Books” )

 To view a sampling of suggested talks click the Drop-down menus & tap “Topic Possibilities”

To book Susanne for a motivational talk or to ask questions please e-mail her @ motivationfromtheheart@live.com

Please share your thoughts ... :D

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