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We are Beautiful Mirrors.

…my goal this week is to grab a bottle of Universal Windex along with a roll of Celestial paper toweling and give my own mirror a darn good cleaning…. I want to watch excitedly as The Universe and I remind others of how to dance, laugh, sing again and recognize the wonderful little (and sometimes big) clues that are liberally sprinkled throughout our lives to remind us of our beauty and potential. This week I want to shine. Continue reading

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Let’s do our best.

Time is so short. We never know how much of we have, nor how much of it we have to share with those we love. Continue reading

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Choose Joy

This week why not go for the gusto, jump off the dock, go for the big prize and intend that real Joy become a regular part of who you are and of your life Continue reading

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Health is the greatest of human blessings

There are so many people out there who every day face health challenges that we can only imagine, who face them courageously and who inspire everyone with whom they come in contact. They have learned that their health and well being, and that of their fellow humans, is a blessing to be celebrated, sought after and cherished. And they have learned to rise above their circumstances and be inspired and inspiring teachers and leaders… Continue reading

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Simple Formula for success

If our best friends are the remembered injustices of life, the memories of past glories or even the pinnacle of a love won and lost then we are living with the metaphoric old dudes who sit out on the front porch with their shotguns on their knees, on guard against anything new and reminiscing about the “good old days”. … The Dance of Life is an opportunity to move through life with a cornucopia of partners who swing, glide or mamba into our daily lives, each with their own unique twist and viewpoint … Continue reading

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