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It’s time to be free!

So … today the girls and I are tripping the light fantastic down at the hospital. Being here reminds us that life is way too precious to spend time not being … and doing … the best that we can every day. It also reminds us that … Continue reading

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Shine your Heart-Light

… Capital “L” life didn’t use a jumbo, universe-sized cookie cutter to stamp us all out on a massive production line … instead It indulged Its love of wondrous variety and decided that no two of us should be exactly the same … and that’s a good thing! … Continue reading

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It’s time to reclaim our lives

When we were brand new in this world we were full of optimism and brilliant ideas. Somewhere between there and here those diggers of ruts used their awesome steamrolling talents to flatten any and all bright sparks. The end result of said input being that we forgot who we really are … Continue reading

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Free yourself. Say “No” to limitations.

Everybody has a million reasons why … why their ideas didn’t work … why things haven’t gone right for them in the past … Most people believe that all of the reasons for their lack of a happy life come from outside of themselves … and yet … ultimately … the big determining factor … Continue reading

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Welcome to Theme Park Earth

… It’s funny isn’t it … how real everything seems here … how things on the outside of ourselves seem to hold such power and control. And yet … when we stop … even for a moment … take a breath … gather our intentions … and focus on what we really want/need/desire … it turns out that we are the ones who have the true power … Continue reading

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