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Goodbye resistance. Hello bright tomorrow.

… It took a lot of years but the message that life doesn’t have to be hard … provided that you’re willing to listen at least some of Life’s suggestions … has finally sunk in. Now … instead of waiting for the storms to roll in … The Girls and I are … Continue reading

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Inner Resistance – the REAL enemy of success

… My mind knows what it wants to do. The Girls and I are clear about the happiness level we all require. My worldly experience knows what steps to take in order for us to get the aforementioned goals accomplished … but this year … Continue reading

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You certainly CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

… The way that I see it … we have two choices. We can either: a) Keep lugging that 10 ton backpack full of past indignities, pain and injustice around …. As with all things in life it’s truly our choice. Continue reading

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On the lookout for & co-creating dreams-come-true

… Life can make as many plans for the delivery of the aforementioned dreams as It wants to … but if I just sit on my sofa and don’t do my part then nothing is going to happen. The way I see it the girls and I need to a) get clear about what we want and b) …. Continue reading

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Hindsight is only 20-20 if your glasses are clean

… Having done the sometimes overwhelming work of excavating out the old junk … polishing up the happy stuff … and learning to give the less-than-sterling memories away to the Universal Recycling Centre … I’m a lot happier. Turns out that the rear-view-mirror-vision that I had erroneously thought was 20-20 was actually … Continue reading

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Retraining the Wild Ego

Needless to say we’re all a lot happier now that we’ve learned how to get along. It turns out that my mind is a way better accountant than Miss Perky and I and that my ego … now that it has figured out the “Politeness Rules”… is a huge cheerleader for … Continue reading

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What are your foundations?

There is nothing like trying to find a new house to live in to really point out what your foundations are made of. … looking to change one’s place of residence very quickly points out any and all pebbles, rocks, tree branches or general mess that you’ve missed. Continue reading

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It’s time to take a Road Trip back to You

… We … as a people … have forgotten. We have forgotten Who-We-Are. … It no longer matters how this great forgetting came about … it only matters that we begin the journey of Remembering. … Continue reading

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Be gentle with yourself

… I’ve decided to take a page out of Life’s Handbook on Behavior Management. As It is always patient, understanding and supportive … and that works so well … Miss Perky, Ms Sunshine and I have bought ourselves a copy of the aforementioned Instruction Manual from our local Amazon.celestial site. Continue reading

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Keeping my eyes facing forward

I believe that on this new road there is something for me to do and further to that I believe that if I just keep my eyes, ears and heart open it will become apparent what that “something” is. Faithful Fran is a big believer in and reader of portents and signs and she has Perky Polly and Sunshine Sue absolutely convinced that good things on racing towards us … Continue reading

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