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On the road to Thriving

“Be present in every moment. Enjoy every day. Be in love with your life … It’s precious.” … Susanne Well … Apparently the time has come around again for The Girls and I to learn more, shift more, share more … Continue reading

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On the lookout for & co-creating dreams-come-true

… Life can make as many plans for the delivery of the aforementioned dreams as It wants to … but if I just sit on my sofa and don’t do my part then nothing is going to happen. The way I see it the girls and I need to a) get clear about what we want and b) …. Continue reading

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Maintaining hope in challenging times

“Sometimes good things fall apart so that better things can fall together.” …  Marilyn Monroe Sometimes I look at the news and I wonder how things went so terribly awry.  Often I look out at the world and I shake … Continue reading

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With Hope everything is possible

“Once you choose hope anything is possible”…Christopher Reeves  There are a lot of reasons to feel apprehensive these days. Between the unstable financial conditions … the wars and conflicts that keep popping up … and the numerous societal woes that … Continue reading

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Embracing the rusty days with courage, faith and hope

… “Some days are diamonds and some days are rust. … I do my best not to let the rusty days slow me down too much: I simply creak along at those times shedding no-longer-useful patterns and ways of reacting like bits and pieces of one of the old rust-buckets at the local wrecker’s yard. Continue reading

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Flying high with wings of hope & faith

… My wings help me to discover new ways of looking at things and people … and they help me to see that in the distance … sometimes far away … and sometimes really close … awesome possibilities are waiting for me to catch up to them … Continue reading

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