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What’s your reason for avoiding success?

Everybody talks about the Fear-of-Failure like it’s the Holy Grail of excuses. … But when it comes right down to it I’ve found that it’s not failure that’s the big deterrent to success for most of us ~it’s … Continue reading

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Learning to redefine success.

When we volunteered for the job down here on good old Planet Earth Capital “L” Life never said that it was going to be easy. ….. What it did promise was that ….. as long as we kept moving forward with our enthusiasm intact … we would be a huge success with the crowd in the Celestial Bleachers. Continue reading

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Successful creation begins inside first

… You have to be really clear about where you want to go, what you want to achieve and how you want to feel … first.” I have adopted this approach as in my life I’ve had a huge number of instances where Capital “L” Life produced the exact thing … Continue reading

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Walking down Faith Road

How do we know when we are walking The Faith Walk and when we’re simply putting on a brave face?? … For me … one of the first clues that I might not be quite as firm in that journey as I’d like is when I keep asking Life the same questions over and over and over. … Continue reading

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You are the source of your success

… When we’re first trying to figure out how to accumulate some of the self-esteem that “The Experts” are talking about it is natural to look for mentors … people whose approach to life seems to us to make them more successful … more happy … more … Each time we move on to a new mentor … or a new way of looking at the world … we make that move as a slightly new person. Continue reading

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How to be successful

… I am finally comfortable smiling at pretty much all and sundry. Kids seem to really appreciate my sunny disposition and whilst I haven’t “filled my niche” yet I am certainly giving it the-old-college-try. Continue reading

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Bucking the odds and loving it.

During times when pain or frustration were my drivers I still accomplished things … but they never seemed to last. … The good news is that as I learned to clean up my internal landscape; began peace talks to calm the warring factions, learned how to dodge and then diffuse toxic situations before they could explode in my face and finally: fired the old chauffeurs the voice of my Heart became easier to hear. Continue reading

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Welcoming in the life that is waiting for me.

I cannot begin to tell you how many times over my lifetime that I have uttered the fateful words: “Well now I understand!” Wow, that is just the death-knell for a quiet and peaceful day. It‘s right up there with “What could possible go wrong?” Continue reading

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Bidding the birds of care and worry good-bye

There were days; as I was traversing the Land of Medical Crises, when I thought that I must surely own a Celestial moving company … I spent so much time re-centering myself, calming my fears, plucking feathers of worry out of my hair and moving both myself and those darn birds onward! But today I’m really happy that I did all of that work … because now I am free to fly where the birds of worry, care and sorrow cannot; and do not follow Continue reading

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I’m taking time to smell the roses

Everybody is in such a rush these days. We’re in a rush to get to work and then we race to sit in rush hour traffic so that we can get back home. We hurry our kids out to multiple clubs, lessons and “fun time” and then zoom back home to put them to bed. We eat fast food, have drive through bank machines and want instant gratification. We carry around iPhones, Blackberries and Touchpads because we don’t dare be out of touch with work, friends or family. What ever happened to sitting down and talking? Continue reading

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